Fitness for Families

August 9, 2016


When we set aside the time each day to spend with our families, it strengthens our bonds and helps us communicate to our kids just some of the things what we think are important.


Among the many choices for your time together, getting active as a family can be a rewarding activity that will leave everyone feeling great and in a good mood. Finding common ground with your kids is important, however, and you should find an activity that you can all enjoy.


At Stryker Pro, we have made it our mission to get families exercising together. AND Strike Fitness is one of the best things that you can do for your long-term health. Exercise programs come and go, but people practice martial arts throughout adulthood, and their training leaves them feeling more centered and balanced; both physically and mentally strong. Just get started, and it's easy fit our program into your daily schedule.


While Stryker Pro IS NOT a martial arts program, it combines elements of Yoga, Boxing, MMA, Strength and Cardio Training into a fat-burning workout with life-changing benefits for the whole family.

The whole family will be happy with Stryker Pro. Just about everyone likes to get their aggression out by hitting this "portable punching bag." But, it is not only portable within your home. Because of its light weight and rolling base, the family can take the Stryker Pro outside to experience an activity unique to Stryker Pro alone.



With the patented reflex action of the Stryker Pro Target, you can worry less about hurting your hands and more about getting the RESULTS you demand. Plus, the snap-back of the Stryker Pro target makes it a challenge in which you will want to build up your stamina to train as long as you ever thought possible.


Want strength training? The Stryker Pro has built-in footholds and a platform which is perfect for elevated sit-ups.


Repetition is what leads to results, and Stryker Pro disguises the repetition, because it doesn't seem like work when you incorporate strikes with your ab exercises or power yoga with your pushups.

Want results even faster? The Extreme Stryker Pro includes a resistance kit that easily clips into Stryker Pro making it a strength training machine.


So, add Stryker Pro to your family's routine and spend time doing an activity that will keep you all wanting more Family Time with Stryker Pro Fitness.


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